Te Rauparaha Arena (www.terauparaha-arena.co.nz) and Pataka Art +Museum(www.pataka.org.nz) 25 – 28 April 2013

Action Competition

The Action Competition will take place on Saturday 27 April at the Te Rauparaha Arena.
To create toys or mobile based on our theme - “Metamorphosis” representing a change from one state to another e.g. egg-larva (caterpillar) - chrysalis (cocoon) – adult (butterfly, moth); tree – wood – table, bulb - flower, acorn – oak; nest – egg – bird etc.
Create toys for someone to cuddle and cherish in 2 hours using any technique or combination you like.  We suggest you make up a team of up to 4 people but individuals are welcome.
We have some polyester and some wool filling donated.  Let us know what you may need.  All other materials required should be supplied by your team.  We propose to donate the toys to a local charity.
Registration will be available later in the year but you may contact Marion at raupapa@contact.net.nz for more information.
You must:
  • Use hand spun or mill spun yarn but should be mostly from natural fibres.
  • Complete the toy within 2 hours. (There may be extra time (up to 15 minutes) allowed but it will incur a penalty).
  • Provide all the materials needed to complete the toy. e.g. all yarns, stuffing, ribbons, needles, scissors etc.  There is a small quantity of carded wool and polyester stuffing available.
Points will be awarded for creativity, technical excellence and suitability.
This is a fun activity with fun prizes.

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